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  • Space Wombat for to mp4  v.4.39Save Space Wombat from the evil WomBots in this 3D action adventure game! Over 40 levels to complete, special suits to unlock, bonus levels, and big bosses to defeat!
  • Mirror Mixup  v.1.12.4Mirror Mixup is the picture puzzle game with a great new twist. Levels are solved by selecting areas of the picture and twisting them horizontally or vertically. Features 4 unique game modes, 125 pictures, 150 levels and 200 bonus levels !
  • Chompster 3D - PacMan Returns  v.1.3Pac-Man is back with a New Millennium face lift. Prepare yourself for over 60 Unique 3D Worlds including Donkey Kong Country and Bonus Levels. Choose from 5 different PacMan & Miss-PacMan Characters and enter 3D Worlds that include vertical scroll ...
  • Sonic Compilation  v.1.0Save the world from destruction by defeating the evil Dr. Robotnik with your choice of Sega's best heroes...Sonic, Knuckles and Tails! Blast through huge zones...check out cool 3D special bonus levels.
  • Chompster 3D - PacMan Returns Again!  v.1.5Pac-Man is back with a New Millennium face life. Prepare yourself for over 60 Unique 3D Worlds including Donkey Kong Country and Bonus Levels. Choose from 5 different PacMan & Miss-PacMan Characters and enter Amazing 3D Worlds.
  • Cash Invaders  v.1.1Cash Invaders is a space shooting game for MS-DOS. You shoot aliens to earn money, with that money you can buy power-ups. There are 100 levels plus 9 bonus levels. The game mixes elements from Space Invaders, Blood Money and other games.
  • Cosmic Bug v2  v.2.0Control 4 bats to keep the ball within the playing area. You've got to keep all 4 directions under control ! Collect credits and buy weapons to help you out in the more difficult situations.100 action packed levels Bonus levels at regular intervals ...
  • Kablooey Redu  v.xYou've played other 'catch the bombs' games before - like the classic KABOOM! Well forget about those other bomb catching games - full 21st century graphics and sound, ten mega-cool powerups, awesome particles, and even bonus levels. This isn't what ...
  • Rock Runner  v.1.0Collect gemstones as you attempt to escape from the diamond mines, whilst avoiding falling rocks and trying to outwit an array of deadly enemies.* 50 Levels* Bonus levels* Keyboard/gamepad ...
  • PizzaBoy!  v.1.6PizzaBoy is a 2D side scroller platform adventure game. You play PizzaBoy, having crash-landed on dino planet, you must now deliver pizzas in order to survive dinosaur invested levels. You must battle through five levels and four bonus levels in this ...
  • Le Casse de Brique  v.1.0Le Casse de Brique is an Akarnod clone, but it differs from the original game in terms of gameplay: it's a multiplayer version (2 players on different computers), with a lot of bonus, levels and, of course, fun!
  • Patricia's Quest for Sun  v. Patricia find the sun and return it to Homeworld in this immersive puzzle adventure ...
  • Tizzies Bug Revenge  v.2.0Tizzie must naviagte through the mazes on each level avoiding the bugs that are attempting to stop her. There are secret walls which when shot, will reveal the hidden transport to bonus levels.
  • Mah Jongg - The Curse of Morxius  v.2The Curse of Morxius is an arcade version of the classic mah jongg board game. Go through 12 levels of play and save the world from morxius?evil reign of terror. Game includes full screen action, hint function, undo function, high score, 10 bonus ...
  • Beetle Bug 2  v.1.0Help Beetle defend his underground home from evil invaders.
  • The Sims Carnival BumperBlast  v.1.0From the creators of The Sims comes a shoot-em-up carnival game that will have you blasting away for hours!
  • Pets Fun House  v.1.0Breed baby animals and nurture their growth inside an amusing pet shop.
  • Age of Japan 2  v.1.0You are the tutor of the young Emperor, and you must not allow Japan to be destroyed!
  • Gems Quest  v.1.1.30An attractive matching color puzzle game with amazing adventures and eye-pleasing design. Multiple levels with compelling tasks to complete, easy-to-learn game rules, exciting Power Ups and spirit of adventure capturing you all.
  • Chromentum 2  v.1.00Help Goldy and Sweety, two little Chromates, to restore thier world to paradise by moving and shooting Chromates onto the circles. Over 700 handcrafted levels, 16 Chromates types and a full level editor make for one epic puzzle adventure.
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